Time to Rethink Obesity Treatment

  • Reaching global epidemic levels, obesity impairs individual well-being, degrades overall population health, and threatens the economic stability of care delivery systems.
  • Recent research illuminates a new scientific understanding of the complex, multifactorial, and self-preserving nature of this disease.
  • Obesity PPM believes that obesity and its associated conditions should be treated in a chronic disease management model that is patient-centered, individualized, and multidisciplinary.
  • While far from the current standard of care, we empower organizations to drive the adoption of this new treatment paradigm every day.

What we do

  • Obesity PPM integrates specialized contact center services, consultancy expertise, and groundbreaking information technology to operationalize and administer the programs we collaboratively design.
  • Our team delivers customized services to organizations that enable or provide treatment options for the population with obesity and related diseases.
  • Delivered under your brand, our solutions services transcend organizational boundaries and orchestrate your internal, disparate processes, ultimately navigating patients to lose and maintain a healthier weight.

Why we are different

  • Empathy & Human Connection. Our consultants connect with patients through personal, high-touch and empathetic communications.
  • Advanced Data-Communications. We customize data systems and orchestrate complex communication processes to make powerful, new connections across your organization--aimed at achieving your business and clinical objectives.
  • Obesity Treatment Expertise. The Obesity PPM team leverages a seasoned leadership team comprised of thought leaders and innovators with more than 125 years of combined experience in the obesity treatment field.

What our customers achieve

  • Today’s challenging and dynamic healthcare environment charges organizations to reduce costs and capture efficiencies while advancing overall population health.
  • Obesity PPM's transformative services help you overcome these obstacles to improve clinical outcomes and drive profitable growth.
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Obesity Education for Surgeons

Continuing Medical Education Credits:
CME Opportunities

Enrichment Education:
Non-CME Opportunities

Clinical Tools

Edmonton Obesity Staging System
The Edmonton Obesity Staging System is a tool designed by Dr. Arya Sharma that enables clinicians to grade obesity based on simple criteria obtained from medical history, physical examination and standard diagnostic tests.

The 5As of Obesity Management
The Canadian Obesity Network’s 5As of Obesity Management program was designed as a step-by-step framework for busy non-specialists who manage obesity in their patients.


Obesity PPM provides full time, part time, and contract employment opportunities to a wide range of specialists in the obesity space, as well as generalists who are enthusiastic about being part of reversing the obesity pandemic.
Immediate Opening: Contact Center Consultants